Christoff Rodríguez (Writer/Creator)

Christoff was born in Santiago, Chile.  After a nice childhood, he attended to DUOC UC where he becomes a successful Public Relations, working with international companies like BMW and Coca-Cola.  He was involve in several projects and started his incredible producing career. Then, he decided to follow his other passion, writing. In 2006 he started a prolific relation with writer-creator Chris Campanozzi creating Serpent Wars (,  published by AAM/Markosia and working together on a period novel plot. Christoff´s other comic credits include the graphic novel Global with comic writer Devin Hylton and artist Kristoffer Smith and Anxiety, created by Saeed Sabbagh and teaming with Dinamo Studio.
Now, Christoff resides in Navarra, Spain, where he writes articles for cultural magazines like El Desembarco and co-organize the International Comic Festival Of Navarra.

Chris Campanozzi (Co-Writer)

Chris was graduated from college in 94, after that studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Where he proceeded to work professionally as an actor for almost eight years. With roles in TV, film and theater.  In 2000, Chris began publishing and writing comics with a company he co-owned Open Book Press. Upon the selling of this company in 2004; Chris began working with Christoff Rodríguez as the co-creator and script writer of Serpent Wars from AAM/Markosia.
Later in 2010 the pairs second collaboration The Chili. will also be released from Markosia. Chris other credits in comics include Switched, Red light and Smoke with comic writer Devin Hylton. Chris is represented in comic work and screenwriting by Jeff Ross Entertainment in Los Angeles California.

Marcelo Salaza (Artist)

Ever since Brazilian native Marcelo Salaza was introduced to the wonderful artwork of George Perez, he knew that he would not be satisfied with life unless he was making comic-books. There is no price that can compare to the joy of holding something in your hands that you helped create.
In terms of sandwiches, Marcelo absolutely worships the Big Mac (but does that really even count as a sandwich?)

Nigel Dobbyn (Colourist and Letterer)

Nigel hails from the U.K. where he’s worked for over 20 years producing artwork for many comics including 2000 AD, Sonic the Comic, Digimon, Spiderman and Friends and Gogos Crazy Bones Mega Metropolis.
He also produces illustration and design work, lettering, colouring, photography, website design and anything else he can turn his hand to.
He  wrote, draw and lettered Billy the Cat for The Beano Annual and is currently working on a children’s book when he has the time.
Links to new and old work and news about current projects can be found at

Kal J. Moon (Inker)

Kal J. Moon has been in love with animation his entire life. As a child, the work of Brazilian creator Mauricio De Souza inspired him to create his own comics  and the rest is history! Kal is quite grateful for the opportunity to add his work to the noble art of Comics.
In Portuguese, his favourite sandwich is called “Jantarada” which translates into English as Big Dinner. It consists of catching the meats of the supper, adding the cheeses, and heating it in the microwave.  Kal was introduced to his marvellous sandwich through the magnificent work of Sergio Aragonés Groo. Slusho!


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