The Chili goes to USA!!!

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In the USA get your copy at: Quick Comics

Fighting against all odds in a world where your superpowers comes from believe in yourself… to do that… would you believe in Comics?

Yeah! Cause like many comic-book fans, Mike dreamed of one day drawing his favorite heroes and working with legends like Stan -The Man- Lee

In a twist of destiny, those dreams change when Mike get a magic book only for the talented at an indy booth at a comic con, thus transforming him into the supa-spicy Chili!

Of course,  things are not that easy… there is a Girl (could not be otherwise), there is a Bad Guy (well, many bad guys, actually) and don’t forget his Sidekick! There are also; Cheerleader-Vampires, Zombies, Wrestlers and a -crazydiabolicalsuperpowerful- Vegetable!? (really!) and plus, a story behind the story… what else could you want? A lot of cameos, comic con mood, crazy action and a lot of fun. Join Mike, Skip and Mandi in this crazy adventure!


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