The Chili Crew Hits London Super Comic Convention!!!

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That’s right!!! Part of The Chili Crew; Christoff Rodríguez, Chili’s creator and -the one and only- Nigel Dobbyn, miniseries colourist and letterer, will be at LSCC (, the major UK comic event in the last 20 years!!!

Meet them them at Markosia’s booth, visit the stand, enjoy a good chat and get yourself a good portion of Superpowerful Spicies!!!

For pre-ordering the book, please visit:

and also:

and on Amazon UK


Trade Cover

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Hi there!!!

That’s right, finally, here is the trade cover! You’ll see here some of the biggest names in Comics as we wanted to do our particular tibute, ha ha!

Stay tuned for more updates coming very soon!

The Chili

Created by: Christian Rodríguez

Written by: Christian Rodríguez and Chris Campanozzi

Art by: Marcelo Salaza    Inks: Kal J. Moon    Colours/Letters: Nigel Dobbyn

Cover artist: Marcelo Salaza    96 pages    Full Color    $15.99 / £10.99p

Like many comic book fans, young Mike Alvarez dreams of one day drawing his favorite heroes and working with legends like Stan “The Man” Lee. Those dreams change rapidly when Mike accidentally illustrates the blank pages of a magical compendium, thus transforming him into the mighty Chili! Join Mike, his sidekick Skip and the most bizarre villains you’ve ever encountered, as our unlikely hero fights for all of humanity against the diabolical Taco Bravo! This mix of comedy and action will dare you to ask:  Do you believe in comics?

ISBN: 978-1-905692-72-9

Release date…

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The Chili #1 coming very soon. Stay tuned!

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