Story & Characters

This is a magic story.  How would you handle your biggest wish becoming reality? Witness how Mike (a nerdy teenager) gets amazing powers trough a magic manual and how those powers changed his life forever.  A story about friendship, love and the power within,a story about will, determination and faith.

A powerful super being able to do whatever; Superstrong, hyperfast, flight powervision, etc. but also with a weakness he’ll soon discover.

A teenager, a very skinny boy who’s trying to become a comic-book artist. As a regular student, Mike was always under the pressure of his classmates that always makes him feel inferior, for that reason his only friend is Skip.

A sweet girl that works as a model to pay for her studies. She’s very smart and doesn’t have many friends. That’s why she feels attraction to Mike and Skip as they are very natural and funny.

A big fat red headed 20 year old man who looks like a teenager. He is Mike’s best and only friend. A rude young man, raised on a farm, he knows how to ride a horse or how to drive cows, but he is afraid of traffic lights.


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