The Chili is released at Comixology

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That’s it! From now on you can download the incredible adventures of The Chili, Mike, Skip and Mandy at Comixology!

Just follow this link:

Spice your screen!!!

The Chili goes to USA!!!

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In the USA get your copy at: Quick Comics

Fighting against all odds in a world where your superpowers comes from believe in yourself… to do that… would you believe in Comics?

Yeah! Cause like many comic-book fans, Mike dreamed of one day drawing his favorite heroes and working with legends like Stan -The Man- Lee

In a twist of destiny, those dreams change when Mike get a magic book only for the talented at an indy booth at a comic con, thus transforming him into the supa-spicy Chili!

Of course,  things are not that easy… there is a Girl (could not be otherwise), there is a Bad Guy (well, many bad guys, actually) and don’t forget his Sidekick! There are also; Cheerleader-Vampires, Zombies, Wrestlers and a -crazydiabolicalsuperpowerful- Vegetable!? (really!) and plus, a story behind the story… what else could you want? A lot of cameos, comic con mood, crazy action and a lot of fun. Join Mike, Skip and Mandi in this crazy adventure!

Wear Spicy!

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Spicy greetings! Just to invite you to visit our store and get some cool and hot stuff, haha!

Buttons, t-shirts, mousepads, mugs… and more!

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Supa Spicy!

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The Chili meets Steven Sievers’ Daniel The Turtle with artwork by Marcelo Salaza and colours by Nigel Dobbyn.

WOW, what a team up! Get ready for some Supa Spicy Action!


Some like it Hot!

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Nigel Dobbyn (Chili’s Colourist and Letterer) and Christoff Rodríguez (Chili’s Creator and Co-Writer) were at London Super Comic Convention last weekend, adding some spice to the event and making signings for the cool trade released, specially for the occasion, by AAM/Markosia.

Both  had a great time chatting with visitors and other comic creators about this crazy vegetable action pack! Positive reaction regarding the book, very nice comments and incredible feedback at the end of the day.

Stay tuned for more Chili news…


Signing Schedule at the London Super Comic Convention

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2pm – Christian Rodriguez/Nigel Dobbyn


12pm – Christian Rodriguez/Nigel Dobbyn

See you at Markosia Booth, check the floor plan for location:

Here is the TPB Cover!

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Hello everybody, just wanted to share how The Chili cover looks, just before going to print.  Great work by Ian Sharman making everything fits on Markosia’s template!

Stay tuned for more updates coming really soon…

and remember… Keep it Spicy!


Supa Thanks Steve!

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Steven Sievers, the carismatic creator of  Supa Pirate Booty Hunt, the international know animated series, and singular voice of Daniel the turtle, wrote the introduction of The Chili’s trade. Was really cool to receive his feedback and comments and see how much he enjoyed this loony tale.

So… thank you very much Steve! And remember… Keep it spicy!

By the way, congratulations for your 6 prizes at the Burbank International Film Festival 2011 and all the very best with the new episodes with the adventures of Captain Zack Stevers and Daniel!

C’mon! Take Steve’s invitation and step inside Chili’s crazy world!

Stay tuned to Steve at his blog:

The Chili also avaliable at Sweden!

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That’s right, The Chili hits the prestigious Swedish online store; Bokus!You can pre-order it at:

The Chili Rocks!!!

Making the Family grow!

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Markosia presented the flag desings for London Super Comic Convention, a wonderful work developed by Ian Sharman. Great job Ian!

London, be prepared… The Chili is on his way!!!

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